A Smoother Complexion Awaits


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation of the skin that triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to penetrate the skin better. This treatment also rids the face of excess fine hairs, also known as “peach fuzz,” which can often accumulate dirt and oil, causing breakouts.

Contrary to popular belief, vellus hairs “peach fuzz,” as opposed to terminal hair, will not grow back thicker or darker. Exfoliation of dead cells and the removal of fine hairs result in healthier, brighter skin with a smoother look and feel. Even make-up will go on smoother with this treatment!

We offer dermaplaning as a full European facial experience, an express treatment, or as an add-on to most services.


Results typically last 3-4 weeks, you can come in for monthly treatments.

Dermaplaning is suitable for every skin tone and type.

You should avoid dermaplaning if you have active acne, rashes, dermatitis, cold sores or overly sensitive skin.

Experience smoother skin, better product absorption, a brighter skin, and effective hair removal.

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